What is Center Stage?

Center Stage is your digital hub for sports cards. We provide best-in-class visual search to help you discover the value of your sports cards and manage your collection.

Why do search results sometimes show duplicates of the same card?

This is a known issue and a side effect of how we process our data. We are actively working to merge duplicate results to improve your experience. In the meantime, please make sure to swipe through all the results to get a complete picture of sales history.

Why do I keep getting random search results?

Too much movement, light reflections and shadows on the card can negatively affect search results. Please check out our tips and tricks section above for ways to improve your experience. Also, if you have a very rare card, there is a chance that the card is not in our system.

Why is my card not in your system?

We currently monitor a handful of key websites for sales transactions. If your card has not been sold on the websites we monitor, then we will not have your card in our system.

Can I manually add my card?

Not at this time. There are a number of issues that arise if we allow our users to add new cards that we do not currently support. However, we know that users want this feature, so we are thinking through how best to design it.