Big Update to Center Stage

We are just about to release a big update to Center Stage. This means you will no longer see duplicates in your search results.

During the rollout, you may find cards that do not yet have images or associated transactions, even if they did so in the past. This is because our app is re-learning the millions of cards in our database. If you notice these issues, please report them to our team using the feedback button under each card. With your help, Center Stage can quickly improve and surpass what it is today.

In addition to improved search, this update will allow us to finally rollout our long-anticipated marketplace. We’ve been super focused on bringing you a fun and easy way to buy and sell cards. We hope that you will find the experience invaluable to your collecting journey. Please stay tuned!

Thanks to everyone who has offered support and feedback/ideas during our journey. We couldn’t do this without you.