Introducing KB24

KB24 is the next evolution of our search engine.

Our legacy search engine (KB8) was all about raw power. It quickly became the best search engine on the market because it could identify almost any card you threw at it.

KB24 is all about harnessing that raw power to take Center Stage to the next level. With KB24, you will no longer see duplicates, which means you’ll be able to identify your cards even faster. That said, we need your help. There is a new feedback tool which you can use to report issues with your search results. This will help Center Stage continue to improve and get better everyday.

We recognize that for some of you (depending on what cards you collect), KB24 may not yet recognize all your cards. This will improve over time. But if you miss the old search engine, let us know. If we get enough feedback, we will see what we can do to offer it as a premium feature.